First Local Dissemination Event in Macedonia

Event number: E1
Country: Macedonia
Date: 27th of December 2016

The dissemination procedures specified in this plan present the partnership ambition to achieve an efficient and challenging spread and visibility of the entire project. The project partners were obliged to disseminate the findings in a wide variety of ways as planned in the project proposal, including country specific dissemination events. Dissemination in particular helped the partnership to reach additional enabling audience for constituency building and future collaboration and cooperative work.
The major focus of the dissemination framework is therefore to ensure that the project’s objectives, community building activities and outcomes are widely disseminated to the appropriate target communities, at appropriate times, via appropriate methods, and that those who can contribute to development, evaluation, uptake and exploitation of the outcomes can be identified and encouraged to participate. To achieve this, all project partners used their personal and institutional social networks, web sites and other media to inform about dissemination.
The first dissemination activities E1 started with a successful dissemination of the "Digital School Contest" project by the partner South East European University and SSOU Mosa Pijade on 27.12.2016 with a conference entitled "ICT in Education". This conference was attended by representatives of schools, NGOs and education entities. It was opened by State Counselor at the Ministry of Education and Science, Ms Natasha Janevska. On this event participated 43 representatives from the above mentioned organizations and institutions. The results of the project were presented from the period of one year of its implementation. A contest for digital schools was announced, which will start from January 2017. A brief discussion was opened for the contest and future collaborations were also established. All the participants receive a case with promotional project materials and certificate for the participation.