South East European University
The Mission of the South East European University is defined in the Statute (December 1, 2008), it seeks excellence in teaching and research within the higher education system in the Republic of Macedonia, by offering equal opportunities for all based on impartiality and merit. One of the key elements of the mission of the University includes active cooperation with universities in the Republic of Macedonia as well as with the international universities.
The main aim under which the university is governed and managed is to contribute to higher education in the Albanian language, through a mutual interethnic understanding and aims to provide a multilingual and multicultural approach to teaching and research by developing study programmes according to broad European and international standards.
Country: Macedonia
Contact personMarika Apostolova Trpkovska
Telephone: +389 44 356 172
S.S.O.U “Mosha Pijade”

S.S.O.U "Mosha Pijade" was established in 1928 as a lower agricultural school which formed conditions for expert qualification of the students in many parts of the country. Following the needs of the labor market, the school has transformed into a modern centre offering profiles in several vocations including the following: Professions and profiles MECHANICAL PROFESSION:  Mechanical technician for production; Auto mechanic TRAFFIC PROFESSION:  Technician for road traffic / Technician for transport and freight forwarding AGRICULTURAL-VET PROFESSION: Technician for agriculture/ Technician for farmer production/ Vet technician CATERER-TOURISTIC PROFESSION:  Hotel touristic technician /  Cook-waiter FORESTRY-WOOD MANUFACTURING PROFESSION: Technician for forestry/ Technician for landscape architecture ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING PROFESSION: Technician for computers and automatic CONSTRUCTION GEODET PROFESSION:  Building technician. 1264 students are attending at this school starting from the age of 14 until age of 18. Teaching is performed in Macedonian and Albanian language. Beside Macedonians and Albanians, the school is also attended by Turks, Roma, Macedonians with Muslim religion, etc.

Country: Macedonia
Contact personNebojsha Trpkovski
Telephone: +38975439789

Pakize Kokulu Anadolu Lisesi
Pakize Kokulu Anadolu Lisesi is a governmental organisation working within the National Education Department of Mersin Province. It is situated in a big city on the south coast of Turkey.The city has one of the most important harbours of the country and also it is a very picturesque town. Our school is one of the biggest schools in town, having 1700 students. Our school is organized in special activities to encourage self-confidence, to diminish lack of affection, to encourage communication between children from different social levels and learning abilities, to change mentality and attitude towards the pupils and activities as occupational therapy.
Furthermore, our school is part of a very important project coordinated by Ministry of national Education. The Project “Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education” (DC/HRE) in Turkey is an ambitious project with many components and one that builds on the recent curriculum reform and on-going teacher training efforts in the field of education for democratic citizenship and human rights education (EDC/HRE) that have taken place in Turkey since 2008.
Country: Turkey
Contact personCigdem Kum
Telephone: +905058232218

Zendensino is committed to the promotion of the integrated development and the improvement of the dynamics of the city of Esposende, which as a geographic area is directly linked with tourism and gastronomy industry. Zendensino´s first and the most important goal is to suppress the lacks of qualified professionals in the areas of Tourism, Catering, Informatics and Child Care, contributing, in this way, to the increasement of the scholar and professional certification of the local teenagers. Zendensino is proud that it is able to place well-qualified technitians on the local work market.

Country: Portugal
Contact personVasco Miranda
Telephone: +351966653795

Inercia Digital S.L.

Inercia Digital is an innovative Andalusian social enterprise, established in 2012, with Europe-wide outlets, and focused on fostering training in digital skills in Europe both for organizations and entrepreneurs.Inercia Digital has International and European projects experience, inside and outside the Erasmus+ Programme with several projects where we participate. Based on its expertise area, during the last two years it has created and lead websites and e-learning platforms for education institutions/providers (such as schools, adult education centres, VET, etc.), in order to integrate ICT in their daily activities while training them on digital competences and web tools, e-learning, virtual opportunities and collaborative learning.

Inercia Digital has received the certificate by AENOR as Young Innovative Company and we are implementing the ISO 29990:2010 – Learning services for non-formal education and training – thanks to the CooperActive Project.

Country: Spain
Contact person: Caridad Martínez Carrillo de Albornoz
Telephone: +34687680571