I.E.S Lope de Vega de Fuente ­Obejuna

The I.E.S Lope de Vega de Fuente­Obejuna caters to pupils from this town and its 14 villages and the nearby town of Los Blazquez. This center you attend around 300 students of the locations described above, of which approximately 50% use busing.

The school has 36 employees – teachers, professional associates, administrating and teaching  personnel.  All  the  employees  have  appropriate  education  according  to the legal regulations for realization.

What was the High School "Lope de Vega". (Review)

The Brumaria Collective is composed of teachers of secondary public education that uses  audiovisual  tools  in the classroom  in their  different  subjects. Micro­documentaries combines the introduction of ICT in the classroom and project learning.

This project has improved language skills, digital literacy and related learning to learn and autonomy and personal initiative, and better use of ICT by students and teachers.

Today, the center has increased the use of ICT and the use of more equipment for the realization of such projects and creating content through the blog and making videos by students.

Some features of this center regarding the use of ICT in their teaching methodology are:

Internet The school had broadband Internet access throughout the school, via a cable network and wifi in the building.
IT equipment maintenance Maintenance is carried out by staff of the center itself, as well as the public institutions.
Teachers digital literacy All teachers indicated that they were able to use personal computers to access the Internet and email, perform basic word processing and enter student results at the end of each term.
ICT   usage   in teaching process Teachers  improve  and  become  familiar  in  the  use  of  ICT  and participate in creating the content.
ICT skills The majority teachers had basic ICT skills, but, many of them lacked the confidence or the knowledge to use these skills to improve learning and teaching in their classrooms.
ICT awareness Most of the staff recognized the benefits of using ICT in teaching and learning process.
School website For this project, it has created a blog that is updated with videos uploaded students throughout the course. In this web all projects are displayed and how to apply this idea in the classroom.

Where the High School "Lope de Vega" wants to get to (Priorities)

One of the priorities of this project was to get the students know the real environment where vide through education combining the use and management  of ICT in an innovative project   that   will   develop   their   skills   beyond   the   educational   level   and   work   team, responsibility, creativity and knowledge and understanding of life outside the center.

The following table shows in summary form some of them:

Students would experience e­Learning activities more often.
The school website would contain content developed by teachers and students and be used as a communication tool.
The creation of the blog has allowed each group of students can upload your own documentary micro and that each project is evaluated by a signature by consensus rubrics with students themselves
The school would work towards providing all learning areas with access to a range of ICT equipment, including mobile devices, over the next 5 years.
Teachers  should  acquire the skills to use technologies and to integrate ICT into their teaching methodologies
To increase the confidence of teaching staff in the integration of ICT in their subject areas.

How the High School "Lope de Vega" planned to get there (Targets)

In order to achieve the objectives sought with this project, it was necessary to integrate these  activities into the teaching methodology  both the center and more specifically in the departments  of Geography and History Center. The main objectives are intended to achieve the plans are as follows:

  • Have the necessary project development (laptop, video cameras, Internet and Blog) ICT tools.
  • Students should make  the whole  process  of production  and  development  of micro documentaries, in order who managed to improve their skills in various fields.
  • For Brumaria group is critical the need for quality public education, free of dull and outdated political interference that can meet the challenges of the young and able to answer your  doubts, fears, needs, feelings through use ICT and using their creative abilities.

What the High School "Lope de Vega" did (Tasks)

On the one hand, the center has increased the number of available ICT equipment and promoting its good to use in the field of education and that students and teachers can improve and achieve higher levels of cooperation and satisfaction during the educational period .

In addition the center through its website http://ieslopedevega.es/ reports all the various practices  that perform as well as individuals and departments  that make up the center. So that parents and students interested should consult the information they need at all times.

On the other hand, the micro documentary project is a new way to integrate the use of ICT in  the  field  of education  and  in improving  accountability  and  the creative  process  of the students. Since  this  project  promotes  both  cooperation  between  groups  of students doing different documentaries micro since the field work is done mainly outside the center which is also necessary to have the consent of the legal representatives (parents or guardians ) so the involvement of the family also has a high importance.

As mentioned above projects are going up the blog created for this purpose http://microdocumentales.jimdo.com/ First advance innovative methodological  approaches such as project learning, use of ICT, assessment rubrics and cooperative work. Secondly we intend  to connect  the curriculum  with  daily  life, so that  the contents  can be studied  and understood to relate to the world around us and the reality of the students

What the High School "Lope de Vega" achieve (2nd Review)

The use of ICT has involved a number of positive changes in this center, which now has its website with basic information about it.

As the project analyzed, this is his blog, which offers students and families need to participate and learn first hand what the project and their participation in the project, as each group will choose a family to evaluate your project . As each group has to develop a blog post with your project  and  compliance  with  the  requirements   in  both  the  date  of  publication  of  the registration  and  content.  For  all these  details  in the blog  itself  is a archivo.pdf  with  the evaluation  criteria  to be used  to evaluate  each  project. The phase having more weight in percentage terms in the note of students is the script, which includes the entire process of recording making a table in the following sections appear: sequence, description dela same, location, characters, types  and recording equipment.

The projects are held for four months and the final video is between five and ten minutes mostly.  The  results  show  that  the  application  of  these  ICT  tools  in  previous  sections combined with teamwork, collaboration and cooperation between teachers, students and families, increases the desire and motivation in performing everyday tasks of teachers and students .

Moreover, it has also meant that the school has more classrooms that are fully equipped with ICT equipment, with a stable Internet connection, and teachers who systematically use ICT in teaching.

What next?

Presently , the center has five programs and projects underway:

  • Andalusia deepens
  • Space School for Peace
  • Co­education
  • Young form
  • Grow with your tree

As for the micro documentary  project, teachers consider that this results are very exciting because the project's progress is brilliant.

The success of this project, which has succeeded in developing a new way to assess students by  combining   the  use  of  ICT  with  real,  everyday  life,  could  be  extended  to  other departments  of the center itself or to other centers seeking new ways to enseñanzar to students  more  in line  with the times, trying to bring students to the reality that exists outside  the center  as well  as a further  increase  and  improve  their  skills  in ways that today's businesses demand more as professional  profile of future workers to and that if they were inculcated in the educational stage will be easier for students in the future to develop more successfully in both the professional and personal level.